Designed to optimize the performance of water based fog machines! This fluid cleans out the deposits left in fog machines heater core. Use Froggys Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner whenever fog output decreases or when storing a fog machine for an extended period of time. All chemicals used in this product are FDA approved. For use in all water based for machines. To help prevent your fog machine from clogging, use Froggys Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner fluid. Froggys Fully Clean is recommended when storing your fogger for more than 1 month, or at least once a quarter as normal maintenance under regular usage. Clean Machine removes particle build up in the heater and gives longer life to the fog machine. Froggys Fully Clean is like a tune up for your fog machine! Froggys Fully Clean is available in 1Qt, 1, 2.5,4.and 5 Gallon Options.

Instructions for using Froggy's Fully Clean can be found here.

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